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George's Story

George and his family visited the Lodge from April 7th.

"George was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in November 2020 when he was 7! It was the hardest thing we’ve ever been told!

He had a limp for 3 months over lockdown, I kept trying to get him to the doctors and they said it was growing pains, I had to keep taking him back and asked for X-rays and scans and eventually had to demand bloods to be taken because by the evening his legs couldn’t hold his weight, we would have to carry him up the stairs to bed!

One day he fell out of the shower because his legs gave way and that was the final straw for me, I KNEW something was going on and within 30 minutes of getting home we had a phone call saying to go to Bristol children’s hospital

We are finishing treatment December 2023! Not long now to go. He’s just turn 10, It’s been the longest 3 years ever and as parents we are exhausted but our dear boy George is the most incredible bravest boy ever, he’s had to learn and adapt to so much in this time.

This has also been really hard on his little brother Tommy, he has constantly been feeling left out and not been given the same level of attention so to have this wonderful break given to us by Ben Saunders Foundation is a real blessing to us as a family.

To have this time to focus on quality time just the 4 of us, and for our main priority to be having fun is just wonderful. Thank you again BSF for this."

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