Message from Saunders Family:

Just a quick update. Thanks to everyone we have purchased a beautiful lodge in the Cotswolds. We still owe a friend £10,000 but they are true friends so no rush, they appreciate how many people have contributed to this.

We have managed to start getting organised with Insurance, a TV License and order ramp for wheelchair access etc.

Unfortunately the site will be closed as the rest of the country goes into lockdown on Thursday for a month. It is then due to reopen early December and close again for a month in January, bit disappointed but can't be helped I guess.

Please keep up the wonderful support, we still have to pay the pitch fees and other costs.

Bens dream will come true, COVID is hopefully just a blip in the road. Life is pretty rubbish for everyone at the moment and we understand we are very lucky to be surrounded by lovely people.

Thanks everyone!


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