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Kieran's Story

Kieran's family visited the Cotswolds from March 13th.

"Kieran was a fit and healthy postman, but at the age of just 24, he started suffering from severe back pain. Despite repeated visits to his GP, he was continually mis-diagnosed with various different conditions.

In June 2019, barely able to walk as he was losing feeling in his legs, he went to A and E. Within 24 hours he received the devastating diagnosis of a spinal tumour. The tumour turned out to be a rare and aggressive tumour (Ewings Sarcoma)
Despite undergoing lots of surgery and chemotherapy/radiotherapy,Kieran
sadly lost his battle with Cancer on the 5th November 2020 just
5 days before his 26th birthday.
We all miss him tremendously and its hard to go on,but we take each day as it comes. We would like to thank the Ben Saunders Foundation for giving us a chance to spend quality time together . Our youngest son has really struggled with his mental health since losing his brother. And it will be lovely to see him with a smile on his face."

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