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Toni's Story

Toni's family visited the Lodge in November 2023.

Our story actually started last year, although we didn’t know at the time. Jakob went to the doctors as he had a pain down below but was told there was nothing wrong.

It wasn’t until he had a very painful lump in April that he told us. So we took him back to the doctors who sent him for an ultrasound.

The day after we found out he had a vascular tumour and we knew then that he had testicular cancer.

Within a week we had cancelled our Easter holiday and Jakob had his first operation.

Cancer cells were found outside of the tumour so we knew he would need chemotherapy but as his CT scan was clear we thought that he would only need 1 cycle. So he sat his GCSES while he waited for chemo to start.

Unfortunately, by the time he started chemo his cancer had spread and was at stage 3, so he had 9 weeks of intensive chemotherapy over the summer. Unfortunately his secondary tumour has grown so we have just been told he will need a second operation. Fingers crossed if his markers stay low he will not need more chemo but until you get that all clear you are never relaxed.

Thank you to everyone at the foundation for allowing us this weekend away.

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