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Shaun's Story

Shaun's family visited Ben's Retreat in December 2023.

My journey started in October 2022 when I had a slight ache in the top my arm that wouldn’t go and progressively got worse.

By spring 2023 I was having doctors appointments to try and get to the bottom of it. In June I was given the unfortunate news that I had bone cancer in the top of my arm (the humerus). Bone cancer is usually a secondary cancer so after several months of tests (August), I was then told I had myeloma, which is a hidden blood cancer. They are hoping to remove and replace the bone as it is deteriorating and I’m unable to use my left arm now. They have delayed the operation due to how quickly it deteriorated.

I started chemotherapy at the end of September 2023, following a couple weeks in hospital and I am now on my fourth round.
We found out in October that it has spread to the shoulder, shoulder blade and collarbone. They are now planning on replacing the entire shoulder and humerus bone (top of the arm). I also had radiotherapy at the start of November, to target the tumour in my bone. I had 5 rounds in one session as it weakens the skins which means it is harder to operate. I am now having appointments regarding my bone marrow as eventually I will need a bone marrow transplant for the myeloma. This is hopefully happening in January 2024.

I have up and down days due to the treatments but I’m keeping positive and hoping for more results and an operation in early 2024🤞🏼🧡

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