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Beau's Story

Beau's family visited Ben's Retreat in December 2023.

Our Journey with our Beautiful daughter Beau, started in April this year. Beau was a happy little toddler and always had the biggest smile on her face and loved being around her siblings.

Beau was walking and running independently but as parents we noticed that something wasn’t right with Beau, she started to fall over and walk into things which wasn’t normal for Beau. After taking Beau to our GP we were told she had developmental delay but we disagreed and took Beau straight to our local A&E, at this point Beau was unable to stand.

That same day we was told that Beau would need an urgent MRI scan at which point we had the devastating news that Beau had a tumour (Neuroblastoma) in her spine compressing on her spinal cord and going into her right lung. As parents our world had been turned upside down and we had no idea what was ahead of us.

The same day Beau was blue lighted to Birmingham Children’s Hospital where her cancer journey started. After a meeting with the surgical team and Beau’s consultant we was told that Beau would start Chemotherapy as the position of the tumour was too dangerous to perform surgery. After many Biopsies, scans, Beau had her central line in to start chemotherapy.

A few days later Beau ended up in Intensive Care with Sepsis and the central line was taken out. Beau was started on antibiotics and was back on the ward a few days later.

One month after Beau started on her second course of chemotherapy and had another central line fitted. A few days later Beau deteriorated and ended up in Intensive care again with sepsis and central line was taken out. As parents we were very concerned why this was happening everytime she had a new central line put in. After many discussions the consultants put it down to just bad luck and they were keen to get Beau her 3rd round of chemotherapy which was the start of July.

Again, central line put back in and chemotherapy started. After chemotherapy Beau came home and was not herself and spiked a temperature of 40 and had to call for an ambulance, she was transferred to our local hospital as she was too critical to go to Birmingham Childrens and needed stabilising.
Myself and steve were devastated to know she had sepsis again but it was a lot more serious, Beau was eventually transferred to Birmingham Childrens where we was told that Beau was critical and the next 24 hours would be critical for Beau.

Beau had multi organ failure and was not responding to treatment. We spent 7 days in intensive care where Beau put up her biggest fight but due to Beau having no immunity her body was unable to fight this horrendous infection.

Our beautiful Girl Beau Brown, passed away in my arms on 24th July 2023. Our world has been turned upside down and our lives will never be the same. I’m so so proud to call Beau our daughter she was the most beautiful precious little girl and made such a huge impact on everyone that knew her. “Beau Beau Brown, the best little girl in town”.
This is the second child we have lost after loosing our son Charlie, 10years ago to West Syndrome, epilepsy.

We would like to say a big thank you to your team for giving us this time to have some precious time to reflect and remember our beautiful girl Beau.

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