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Libby's Story

Libby and her family visited Ben's Retreat from the 20th February.

"My daughter Libby was diagnosed with leukemia ALL in July 22. When she was admitted with appendicitis. The last thing we ever thought would be the words your daughter has cancer.

Libby was 12 at diagnosis and the first thing she said to me was 'am I going to die? And I don't want to lose my hair.

We were in the RVI Newcastle for 2 weeks while she had her appendix removed then started straight on the chemotherapy. Libbys hair started to come out straight away. Her older sister was shaving her hair for mcmillian, Libby decided to the same. This was a huge turning point for Libby and she quickly adjusted.

The 1st 6 month have been hard on Libby but she has battled all the way through. Only having a few weeks of school. The support of family and friends have been amazing.

We are now at the end of the intense 6 months and going in to maintenance. Still having chemo 1 every 3 weeks and chemo tablets everyday untill her end of treatment date n
Oct 23.
This break away will be great for libby also her little brother. Just to relax and have some normality back. Thank you Ben Saunders Foundation"

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