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Jordan’s Story

Jordan's Family visited the Cotswolds from the 28th October.

"It all started in tbe week leading up to the 22/11/2018 just a few weeks after Jordan’s 18th birthday 💔,she was just generally feeling off and we put it down to her busy lifestyle, football, football more football and any other sport that she could do. Our beautiful girl in her 2nd year of college was on track to fulfilling her dream of achieving a football scholarship in America until that day(22/11/18). J was admitted to hospital having suffered a massive stroke, the hospital were amazing and told us that they would do everything in their power to find out what caused it, and 3 days later after a barrage of tests they told us that our beautiful girl had liver cancer and would be transferred to a london hospital for more tests. To cut a long story short after many more tests our world came crashing down forever when consultant told us that there was nothing that they could do to save our beautiful girl, he had begged and pleaded all over the world to see if anyone could help save our beautiful girl and not one person could,he was the top liver consultant in the world and as he spoke those words you could see sadness and despair in his eyes that he had to tell us that our daughter was going to die in a few weeks. He explained that she had Hepatocellular Carcinoma liver cancer and thromboembolic disease with multiple cebrovasular infarcts(many strokes)and in his many years of work he'd never witnessed a cancer so aggressive that had spread to virtually her entire body in 3 short weeks, we brought our beautiful girl home a few days before Christmas with an incredibly short life prognosis and we set about making sure that she had the most wonderful memories made. Our beautiful warrior managed to plough on until she closed her eyes one last time on 22/02/19💔 we managed to achieve soo much in those few weeks with amazing support from many charities our amazing hospice, the footballing world and most importantly family and friends! Our hearts are forever shattered but we're trying to honour our beautiful girl and continue to raise money for all of the amazing charities that helped us and will continue to do so until our last breaths 💔 thank you sooo very much for letting us have some much needed time out together with our son and his girlfriend."

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