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Jo's Story

Jo and her Family visited the Lodge from the 2nd December.

"Thank you for transporting us away from the daily grind of cancer. When I was first diagnosed all i could think of was the effects on my teenage children.

I was diagnosed with a complex grade 3 breast cancer this August. I had just left nursing & started a new job in Nurse Education. This meant that I did not qualify for employment sick pay. This has been tough, alongside never being able to get critical illness cover due to having Crohns Disease. Crohns also added a whole new complexity to the treatment.

I have just completed cycle 4 of 6 of chemotherapy, been feeling pretty poorly throughout with the chemo affecting my digestive system & exasperating fatigue. And hardest of all is the impact on being 'Mum'.

This break away to Bens Retreat was timed so perfect & so enriching for us, time together to play games, rest & recharge. Ultimately, created some happy memories in this dark time, time to pause & be together. A true family get away!

One of the impacts of cancer is loneliness, isolation. Suddenly life pauses with the future seeming overwhelming.
Whilst everything around you carries on. This means you spend a lot of time on your own. So this week has made us all pause & be together ❤️, priceless. Time to process.

Thank you so much for this time, a true retreat 💗

We feel more prepared, rested & stronger to face the next few months with upcoming surgery and ongoing treatment.

The Ben Saunders Foundation is truly unique, transporting families away from the tough days of the cancer treatment. We have loved learning about Ben and his legacy, what an inspiration, helping so many. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts, so much gratitude 💕. Jo and family xx ❤️"

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