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Jenson's Story

Jenson and his family visited Ben's Retreat from the 27th February.

"aby Jenson was born on 14th June, all pregnancy went well. He is a perfect little boy, putting on weight doing all what you expected from a new born. When Jenson was 4/5 weeks old I noticed somthing was different, he wasn't focusing on objects as much as my other two did at that age and making alot of grunting sounds and going red. I knew something wasn't right. I took him to the gp 8 times in total in his 4 weeks of life. Jenson was finally seen at Bristol Eye hospital on 2nd September when they instantly seen a shadow at the back of his eye. They rushed Jenson to Brimingham hospital where they performed an operation on his eyes to investigate.

That day Mine and Our family’s life got turned up side down. they sat me and marc (dad) down and told us that our tiny baby Jenson has cancer in his eyes and he’s lost 80% of sight in one eye due to the cancer growing.

As you can imagine the devastation just hit us both feeling scared and totally helpless. Jenson will have a very long journey to overcome this. It's totally broke our family to see him go through so much. It is a heart breaking time and we all feel so helpless.

Jenson is now 8 months old and he has just completed his final round of chemotherapy, 6 rounds in total which has been really hard on his tiny little body. Everything seems to be going in the right direction and we pray this hell is over for our precious little boy very soon.

We have our next appointment 6th March At Birmingham to see what the chemotherapy has done and what our next steps our.

I’d really like to thank everyone at the Ben’s foundation for giving us this much needed family time away from reality for a couple of days. It really does mean the world to us."

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