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Chloe's Story

Chloe and her family visited the Lodge from the 20th February,

"This is Chloe’s story, I had a lump in my neck for years and years and kept going back to the doctors as I had a got feeling it wasn't normal.

I got told its because you can see everything as I was slim and at one stage that it was even my Adams apple!

I still didn't believe it so kept pushing for appointments and even on the ultra sound they said it was normal and just a goiter.

I was still worried so eventually got sent to derby hospital and as soon as they gave me the ultrasound they told me it didn't look right.

As much as it was scarey it was a relief that someone had finally listened. That week I had biopsys and was told it was thyroid cancer and was also in my lymph nodes

I had my operation to take my whole thyroid out and lymph nodes and have recently had my radio iodine treatment which was hard not being allowed round the kids for that long as I was radioactive.

I'll have a consultation in a few weeks to discuss what's next and have blood tests every month but hopefully this is it and I have beaten it!

We are really looking to spend family time in the Cotswolds and thank Bens foundation for this opportunity."

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