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Brianna’s Story

Brianna and her Family visited the Cotswolds from the 18th November.

"Brianna was 6 years old and had been poorly from August 2018 with extremely high temperatures , sickness and unexplained hives on her body, her mum kept going back to her GP however they were told she was just unlucky getting lots of viruses. Eventually February 2019 Brianna (aged 7) saw a different GP who admitted her to Southampton General hospital for tests. That same day we were told that Brianna had ALL ( Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia) she was moved to Piam Brown ward where she received treatment for just over 2 ½ years. Brianna completed her treatment in April 2021 ( aged 9) and rung the bell 25th June 2021. We are extremely lucky that Brianna is coping well since the end of treatment for which we are very grateful . Thank you so much to Ben Saunders Foundation for allowing us to stay at the retreat, we are extremely grateful."

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