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Tabitha's Story

Tabitha's family visited Ben's Retreat in July 2023.

In July 2022 our beautiful Tabitha aged 16, was suddenly diagnosed with Rab Sarcoma.

This was of course very upsetting and this should never happen to anyone, but we have never known someone so brave as Tabs. She took this difficult journey in her stride, carried on doing the things she loves like singing, sea cadets, going to school and continuing to see her friends and family.

Tabs received 9 cycles of chemotherapy & she lost her beautiful curly long hair & struggled through her treatment, going up and down to Bristol from her home in N Devon, BUT luckily Tabs responded well to the treatment!
Tabs is now in remission with 2 clear CT scans behind her & having 3 monthly scans moving forward. Tabs is on Maintenance chemo for 1 year with the view to maybe going on a trial next year..
Tabs & the family say the medical staff at the TYA in Bristol were all amazing and 100% we couldn’t have got through the terrible time without them all ❤️

Last time we were all together as a WHOLE family was last November where we actually met up in the Cotswolds, when her 4 big brothers & dad shaved their heads for “ Young lives V cancer” Tabs raised over £7,000!

This weekend thanks to the Ben Saunders foundation we are really lucky to be staying at “Bens Den” and have booked another accommodation on site for Tabs dads 60th birthday celebrations
Tabs is very excited & we are grateful to the Ben Saunders foundation 🙏🏼

Its an amazing charity giving families like ours the opportunity of a lovely weekend to be together & for Tabs to look forward to be able sometime with her 4 big brothers & the family
Thanks very much Tom & family ❤️

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