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Sophie's Story

Sophie's family visited the Lodge in August 2023.

It’s 4 years this week that we got Sophie’s diagnosis - it’s an emotional time. It brings back those heart wrenching feelings when you hear the words cancer but we also appreciate how amazing it is that Sophie has completed treatment, is doing so well and we get the opportunity to spend time together as a family.

In August 2019 Sophie was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia - our world stopped still. Sophie had all her treatment at Royal Manchester Children’s hospital. All the staff there were amazing and we knew we were in good hands. There was lots of bumps along the way but on 23rd December 2021 she rang the end of treatment bell!

She is now in full time school, plays for a local football team and just done her 25m swimming badge. She also does 3 dance classes a week.

We have checks ups every 6 months and the anxiety and worry we feel we hasn’t gone away. But for now she is living her best life.

Thank you to Ben Saunders Foundation for this lovely break

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