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Lola's Story

Lola's family visited the Lodge in June 2023.

In December 2021 I noticed that Lola was bruising, she was tired a lot and very pale.
I rang the doctors and got her booked in for blood tests the next day. When we got home we were told to go straight to hospital.

I was sat down and told Lola was very ill but they didn’t know what it was yet but suspected Leukemia. Lola has lots of blood transfusions/platelet transfusions.
We were then sent to Bristol where she had a bone marrow aspirate.

They still couldn’t confirm what Lola had yet but said she had less than 10% bone marrow.

A few weeks passed and Lola was transfusion dependent and spending alot of time in hospital, she was neutrophinic too. We were then told she had a very rare condition that effects 2 in a million called Severe Aplastic Anemia and she needed a bone marrow transplant urgently.

Lola had matches on the bone marrow register but all matches was unable to donate.
We were then waiting on her siblings praying one of them was a complete match.

Luckily Lolas 7 year old sister was a match!
Lola had an intense course of chemotherapy for one week to wipe the rest of her immune system and then had her bone marrow transplant in April 2022 in Bristol.

Lola came home 6 weeks later.

We’ve had a few ups and downs, but Lola is doing well now and will be going back to school in the next few weeks.
This holiday for our whole family is very much appreciated and we all can’t wait!
Thankyou ❤️

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