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Jonny's Story

Jonny's family visited the Lodge in June 2023.

In March 2022 my previously fit and healthy (training for a triathalon, one of many) husband Jonny, 48 told me he was experiencing a bit of discomfort swallowing certain foods. That was it, nothing else, no weight loss or pain just a bit of discomfort. Even so I frogmarched him off to a specialist and after what they assured us was a procedural endoscopy we found out that he had oesophogeal cancer.

And not just one type of cancer but two - he was greedy you see!. After initially being told we were working towards curable, albeit with low odds we quickly found out that we weren’t and it was terminal with likely only a few months to live.

He had chemo which he tolerated so well and we spent the summer making memories, camping with the kids, a week away on our own and writing wills, planning for his passing. He was so brave but In October just after our youngest started secondary school the cancer spread to his spine and brain and he died on 18th November 2022, peacefully at home.

He wanted to live so much he had so much to live for. But he graciously accepted he was dying and made me promise for my sake and our childrens that I would get up each day and carry on. He was our absolute rock, the kindest man and the most amazing Dad. Me and the kids miss him so much and we’re struggling without him, but we are trying to rebuild our lives just as he wanted us to do.

He would be so pleased to see the 3 of us enjoying this break. Thank you

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