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Jacob's Story

Jacob's family visited the Cotswolds in August 2023.

Jacob was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia on 26th June 2021, high risk due to complete treatment 18th November 2024.

Over a period of 6 weeks prior to diagnosis I took him to the doctors 5 times and A&E each time his symptoms were dismissed and after a lot of begging I finally got a referral.

Looking back now his severe headaches, joint pain, breathlessness, pale skin, chest infections, sickness, weight loss and pale skin were all clear signs but they were all missed. He collapsed prior to his referral appointment and was taken by ambulance whereby his red blood cell count was just 33. Our world quickly collapsed upon diagnosis and tests revealed 95% blasts.

My heart was and always will be totally broken and despite many severe reactions to chemotherapy, admissions and loss of mobility where he remains on 30% dosage which is the highest his liver will tolerate, he still has his cheeky dimple smile and remains positive.

Thank you for this beautiful gift of being able to spend quality time with his family and close friends. We are all truly touched xx

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