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Alfie's Story

Alfie's family visited the Lodge in August 2023.

It’s will be 2 years on the 27th of August since Alfie was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma on the soft tissue of his spine. He was just 9 years old.

To say our world was turned upside down and shattered into pieces is an understatement, I don’t actually think there’s enough words to describe it all.
Alf’s only symptom had been a bad back which his GP wasn’t really interested in but as parents we knew it needed looked into as 9 year olds don’t just have a bad back on and off for weeks! so a trip to a&e, various scans and a biopsy later he was diagnosed.

He was so brave throughout even choosing to stay awake for the biopsy on his spine. Alfie was treated at the rvi in Newcastle and his Doctors were very confident it was caught early and they could get him better which was all very positive thank goodness as I’d hate to think what would of happened had we kept listening to our gp 😔 alfie completed 14 rounds of intense chemotherapy and we had a 6 week stay away from home in Manchester to complete proton beam therapy. I lost count of the amount of blood transfusions he had. And we all spent Christmas 2021 apart as he was soo poorly in hospital so we had to take it in turns so we could still see and be with our eldest son too due to covid restrictions he wasn’t allowed in.

17 months on from finishing treatment and I’d say we are just finally getting back to some sort of normal and enjoying like again. Alfie is doing amazing 🤩 he has an mri scan and X-ray every 3 months and a check up with results (the scanxiety is real) 😔. He will need check ups for life and checks on his heart to make sure there’s no lasting damage from treatment and will be deemed cancer free after 5 years 🙏🏼

It means so much to be able to access fantastic charities like Ben Saunders foundation and live our lives again after cancer, thank you 😊

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