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Luke's Story

Luke’s family visited Ben's Retreat in April 2023.

Luke’s story started around February 2018, he was complaining of headaches and being sick and I kept taking him to the doctors. However he kept being sent away until finally on the 17th April 2018 Luke eventually had an mri. During the scan they found a mass in his brain and he was rushed to Birmingham children’s hospital where he underwent a 10 hour brain operation.

A week later we were informed it was medulloblastoma brain cancer. Our whole lives were turned completely upside down.

We are all devastated but Luke was so amazing he had 6 weeks of radiotherapy in May then on the 13th august he returned to Birmingham children’s hospital where he had 4 more lots of high dose chemotherapy with stem cell rescue.

Luke finally rang the bell on the 18 th of December 2018, Luke only had 2 days home throughout that time because he became really poorly.

Luke is now completely deaf in his left ear due to the size of the tumour as it crushed his left eardrum.

Luke cannot can’t wait to come on this holiday, if u type Luke Broadbent cancer in on Google his whole story will come up as it was in the newspaper.

Thankyou to everyone at Ben Saunders Foundation for this much needed break 💕

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