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Lewis's Story

Lewis' family visited Ben's Retreat in May 2023.

We recently lost our beautiful brave son Lewis on the 17th of November 2021, aged just 21 years old.

Lewis was diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia, MPAL, short for mixed phenotype acute leukaemia. He was diagnosed at 18 years old and underwent intensive chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a full stemcell transplant.

Lewis was in remission for around 12 months but had a relapse in July 2021 and again started chemo. Lewis was 21 in October and was home for the weekend of his birthday, we are grateful for this.

Unfortunately Lewis got a serious infection in his bowel and never recovered. Lewis made the choice to come home for one last time. He was home just a week before he closed his eyes.

Some people never meet their hero, I can honestly say I gave birth to mine.

Lewis Keith Moore, forever 21.

Thank you to BSF for this break.

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