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Jacob's Story

Jacob's family visited the Cotswolds in April 2023.

Jacob’s journey started on the 6th September 2022 , although I had been taking him to the doctors for several months before this and got brushed off by the doctors every single time.

When Jacob started not walking on the weekend before the 6th September we called 111, and they said to go to the doctors on Monday morning they got us booked in with a doctor who finally listened to us after me breaking down and saying no one is taking me seriously/listening to me.

She instantly saw how much pain Jacob was in and done a few checks and said go straight to a &e, I am calling a paediatrician and they will see you.

After getting to the hospital and having loads of tests done and traumatising blood tests where the needle wouldn’t go in the veins even with several different professionals trying, We got moved to a side room and our hearts broke and world got turned upside down when we were told Jacob had leukaemia, he also had several infections including double pneumonia, and staphylococcus.

That afternoon we were taken to JR hospital and had a meeting with our consultant everything feels a blur over those few days signing loads of paperwork’s and the next morning Jacob went in for surgery for a hickline , LP/chemo in his spine , skin graph and Bone marrow taken .

The next few months we were in and out of hospital with lots of infections and been mainly isolating since diagnoses missing out on starting preschool making friends missing parties and events by being in hospital or isolation , it’s been really heartbreaking seeing him change from my 3 year old young boy to a very grown up four year old in 8 months but we are so proud of him

He is always trying to smile and is fantastic with the nurses / appointments / medicine / injections/ regular LP .
We will hopefully be in maintenance stage in the next few weeks 🙏 obviously the worry will never leave our mind but just grateful for everyday as a family.

A massive thank you to the Ben (Saunders foundation) and his family for thinking of others whilst going through what they are going through, we are really looking forward to this week and spending time together as a family and having fun!! Thank you so much


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