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Isla's Story

Isla's family visited the Cotswolds from April 17th.

"In 2013 our beautiful Isla was born, she had a rough start to life receiving two liver transplants at just 5 weeks old. She defeated every odd set against her. In February 2019 Isla became a big sister to Harlowe, she loved her.

In September 2019 Isla was diagnosed with acute leukaemia, she started grueling chemotherapy in Birmingham childrens hospital where she was an inpatient until christmas eve. She always had the biggest smile on her face, despite feeling rubbish.

Isla was 1 week away from completing chemotherapy In February 2022 we devastatingly found out Isla relapsed. Isla had more chemotherapy and radiotherapy, due to the liver transplant it complicated what chemotherapy she could recieve.

Isla welcomed her baby brother, Reuben on the 4th October 2022, she was besotted with him.

On the 11th October 2022 Isla was transferred to children's hospice southwest where we created special memories as a family. Isla passed away peacefully on the 16th October 2022 with the people she loved the most around her.

Thank you to BSF for this break 💕"

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