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Henry's Story

Henry's family visited the Lodge in May 2023.

Henry was 10 years old when he was diagnosed with ALL leukemia .
Before his diagnosis Henry was a healthy child .He never even taken an antibiotics in his life . This was a big shock to us .
In June 2020 we took Henry to hospital as he lost lots of weight, he complained of pains in his legs , night sweat, temperature on and off .

Nothing felt right but we still didn't think that our son was seriously ill. We finally made a call to our local gp and they straight away send us to hospital for check up. Little did we know what was waiting for us .... one hour later we were in ambulance driving to Cambridge to our main hospital.

This is now almost 3 years ago . Henry has 6 more months left for his treatment to finish. This journey is extremely hard . He had to learn to take pills, his hair has fallen out 2 occasions , at some point Henry was so weak that he needed a wheelchair, he had allergic reaction to medication, his hickman line got infection so we had to drive to hospital every day for 2 weeks.

Henry also had chickenpox and shingles at the same time , doctors though that he relapsed at the beginning of maintenance, bravery he had his hickman line removed and he had a chemotherapy via cannula with no magic cream ...
This journey has been really hard for Henry and rest of the family. His younger brother George gets very upset when Henry doesn't want to play with him or when Henry is moody because of steroids...

Thank you for letting us stay in your lovely holiday home. We really appreciate it.

For few days we can try to relax and forget our situation. For a minute we can pretend we are just a normal family. 💕

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