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George's Story

George's family visited Ben's Retreat in April 2023.

George has been battling cancer for the last 2 years.

Unfortunately at the end of March his tumour returned and he underwent his second lot of brain surgery to remove this.

His only treatment option now is radiotherapy. Radiation to the brain and spine can have life limiting effects and from carrying out lots of research we know there is a form of radiation known as proton beam that can help limit some of these effects.
Unfortunately George is not eligible to receive this treatment on the NHS so we have been left with no option but to privately fund this ourselves.

We have found ourselves in a position where we have set up a go fund me page to ask for donations towards George’s treatment. This is completely out of character for us and something we have found very difficult but we need to do this for our boy.

We are grateful to the Ben Saunders foundation for their support towards helping raise important funds for George.

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