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Callum's Story

Callum's family visited Ben's Retreat in May 2023.

My son Callum was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in November 21 when he was just 6.

Prior to his diagnosis he had a burst blood vessel in his eye he looked very pale and his legs hurt him so much he was unable to walk very far.

I contacted the doctors but they didn’t seemed too concerned, He came home from school one day and looked very poorly and had nasty bruising all up his legs so I took him to A&E and within 2 hours he was diagnosed.

He spent weeks in hospital during front line treatment due to infections and having to have intensive chemo/blood and platelet transfusions.

He is now nearly mid way though maintenance hoping to finish treatment in Feb 2025.

Massive thanks to BSF for this much needed opportunity to get away.

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