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Samuel's Story

Samuel's family visited the Lodge in September 2023.

In October 2020 saw Samuel showing signs of stomach pain.

Samuel has Autism and is non verbal so trying to ascertain the cause was difficult. Five GP visits and 1 A&E visit and we were no closer.

Constipation was the only diagnosis from the GP’s and the hospital just sent him away with “ it can’t be surgical or he would be in more pain” as a non verbal autistic child how could they know…. ?

I explained the sleepless nights and what can only be close to symptoms such as contractions but still nothing…. The surgeon didn’t even come to see him…..

Christmas came and my son was so skinny we really can’t believe the photos when we look back….

January 4th Samuel had a routine appointment with his Autism Paediatrician, I explained about the pain and the solid lump in his stomach as I was so concerned. She took one feel and made a call and told us to go straight to A&E where surgeons were waiting to see Sam.

From that moment we stayed at the hospital and on the 15th January Samuel was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Burkitts Lymphoma. I was informed that the tumour was 10 cm ( “the size of a grapefruit “). Samuel had just turned 5 and weighed in at only 16kg.

Our consultant explained that the cancer was a fast growing rapid cancer but the treatment was equally fast and aggressive. Sam started treatment immediately and remained in hospital at Nottinghams QMC until the end of March 2021.

This period of treatment was though covid lockdown so myself and my husband had to take it in turns to be with Sam, we couldn’t be there together nor could any others visitors be allowed. This was a very difficult situation to handle and we had no support from others as it was lockdown.

We tried to be as positive as possible. During the treatment Sam had some difficult times as with his autism we couldn’t explain to him where he was or why…Sam is now 7 and two years in remission 💪🏻. Sam will undergo 4 monthly ultrasounds for a few more years to come but on the whole is appearing fit and well.

Huge thankyou to BSF for this opportunity to get away

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