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Molly's Story

Molly's family visited Ben's Retreat in September 2023.

Molly has written her own story, we hope they have a fantastic time together. Such a brave and beautiful young lady 💕

At the age of 18 (January 2022) my right shoulder began to hurt and then I noticed a lump had appeared. I was told it was nothing serious and not to worry. But the lump continued to grow and after a month I was told it was in fact Cancer – a Sarcoma but a slow growing Grade 1. However, after loads of tests, I was told I had to have surgery to remove the Sarcoma (and also part of my Scapular it turned out). The surgery was done in April 2022 at The Royal Marsden in London– after which I was told it was a “Myxoid Spindle Cell Sarcoma” and was actually an aggressive, fast growing Grade 2 Cancer.

In July 2022 I received ‘Proton Beam’ Therapy in London (which is a type of radiotherapy) on every weekday, for six weeks. All this hit me, and my family, really hard. I also went through a breakup with my boyfriend, so I was both physically and mentally in a bad place. I suddenly became aware that this was REAL. This was my new Life!

In October 2022 the consultant’s advised that I was cancer free (in remission). I could not be grateful enough for all the support I received especially from all the new meaningful friends I made throughout the treatment and my family at home. It all helped me enormously.

However, the impact of my Sarcoma has resulted, both physically and mentally, as I have had to stop my passion for ‘SFX make up’ as I was only physically able to go to university for one month.

McMillan have paid for me to have a Personal Trainer - as Ipswich Hospital had discharged me after one month. (My understanding was that I should have been with them for at least one year.) Because of this I am eventually regaining my movement and strength in my right shoulder and arm.

But day-to-day I fight mentally and am slowly getting there. I have check-up scans with the Royal Marsden, Norfolk & Norwich Hospital and also UCL for the next 10 years. This makes me feel more at ease and comfortable with myself knowing I’m getting the support I need.

Having Cancer will not make me give up. It has made me realise that you shouldn’t take life for granted and should be grateful for what life has given you.

I am so happy and grateful to ‘Ben Saunders Foundation’ who have given me the opportunity to go away on a holiday with my Mum, Dad and Brother. This will be the first time since my diagnosis in Feb 2022 that we will be able to relax and spend some quality time together. I can’t thank the Foundation enough x

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