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Jenna's Story

Jenna's family visited Ben's Retreat in September 2023.

Our journey started in 2021,
My daughter Jenna had a big lump on her inner thigh.
I had been told for a few years it was just a fatty lump.
I got concerned when the shape and colour changed.
The Dr checked her out and sent us to Bath hospital for a C T scan, we were then sent to Swindon hospital for an x-ray.

They passed us on to Oxford for a biopsy where we were informed in June 2021 it was a cancer named Ewing's Sarcoma.

Jenna had all her chemo treatments in Oxford and then underwent an operation to remove the lump.

She then went a month without treatment and to heal after which she needed radio therapy treatment which would take place in Bristol.

She completed that and then Jenna rang the bell. We all thought that was it.

Jenna underwent a CT scan in September 2022 and got the all clear.

Heartbreakingly Jenna then developed a cough in November 2022 which went on for longer than a couple of weeks, we got her checked at the hospital where we were told that the cancer was back in her lungs and there was not much they could do for her.

She ended up in a wheelchair and had further chemo just to keep her going for as long as possible.

In April this year we were told it had now spread to her spine and was now chemo resistant all they could do was keep her comfortable.

We managed to get Jenna home from hospital around 10:30 the evening of Mon 22nd May in a very weakened state she passed away at 7am Tues 23rd May 2023 at home with her family.
Aged 24. 🙏

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