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Jack's Story

Jack's family visited the Cotswolds in September 2023.

Jack was 17 when he was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in June.

Jack went through 4 months having pain in his back but his GP said it was muscular.

When he got worse he eventually had his bloods taken and then had to be admitted into hospital for 9 days where he had a biopsy, scan, blood test and blood transfusion.

He is being treated on the Bristol Oncology ward the same as Ben.

He has to received 6 cycles of chemo and has just finished his 4th.

Thank you to everyone at Bens foundation we were given a lovely bag with gifts in, which meant I then followed on Facebook straight away.

Cancer has affected all our family and friends and we are so grateful we are given a break away to the cotswolds.

This will help us all to get away from hospital life and mentally recharge 💕

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