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Elizabeth's Story

Elizabeth's family visited the Lodge in September 2023.

I'm Matt step dad to Michael and dad to Jack.

Our journey with cancer began in 2014 when the boys sister Elizabeth was diagnosed with cancer near her eye. Following many appointments with GOSH and an operation, she got the all clear.

In 2019 the cancer reoccurred, and once again was successfully removed.

In 2018 shortly after Jack was born mummy (Charlotte) was diagnosed with breast cancer. The usually treatment path followed and she was in remission about 9 months later.

During lockdown in 2020 we found out Elizabeth's cancer was back, but this time, they couldn't remove the cancer without taking her eye also.

A week after Elizabeth's diagnosis mummy was once again diagnosed with breast cancer.

Elizabeth had the operation to remove her eye and this allowed the Dr's to do proton beam therapy. Life continued although we now knew mummy's cancer was terminal.

She battled had enthused by the fact that Elizabeth was once again cancer free.

Unfortunately this was her last battle with cancer and she passed away on the 24 October 2022.

The day before her funeral we discovered that Elizabeth's cancer was back, only this time more aggressive than before and far more widespread. She also battled bravely, but she too lost her battle on the 19th of April this year.

We have done some filming for SU2C so you may see our story on those programmes later in the year.

Many thanks to BSF. This little break helps us move on a little and make our new normal a little happier.

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